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Soundscape Hearing Aids in Medford Oregon offers on-site and in-office hearing evaluations for Southern Oregon & Northern California residents.  We also offer the lowest price available on all major brands!

You don’t have to live with hearing loss.

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When is the last time you heard the birds clearly?  If you live in Southern Oregon or Northern California the birds in the morning, the birds in the morning, the sound of a crackling camp fire, frogs and cricket making beautiful music are WORTH HEARING!  Not saying “what?” and hearing the giggles for children or grandchildren are a privileged in life YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE WITHOUT.  Performing better in your work or business by hearing customers, coworkers or phone conversations are an IMPORTANT EDGE.

SoundScape is conveniently located just off the I-5 Corridor in Downtown Medford, Oregon.  We care deeply about the quality-of-life benefits our patients receive from the services and wide variety of hearing aids we provide.  Our pricing structure includes a simple, flat rate structure that is better-than-competitive and often saves our customers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the same top brands being sold in the Southern Oregon / Northern California region.  We are not a wholesale, warehouse or liquidation business, even if our prices may seem that way!  We are licensed professionals and purchase our stock directly from the major manufacturers like Siemens.  We have partnership agreements that give us great discounts and we share them our patients!  We are hearing professionals with the equipment, experience and talent to enrich your or a loved one’s life through better hearing. We active are members of our community and are passionate about helping people hear better.

Can’t Afford New Hearing Aids?  Used or refurbished hearing aids may be available at a further discount. We handle hearing tests, hearing aid sales, repairs and servicing.  We can provide referrals to programs that provide assistance.  Working Oregon residents may qualify for State programs that would provide free or partially subsidized hearing aids.

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